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How can I grant access to my Facebook ad account?

Granting Your Agency Facebook Ad Account Access (Two Methods)

facebook ad account access

There are two main ways to grant your agency access to your Facebook ad account, depending on whether you're using Meta Business Manager:

Method 1: Using Meta Business Manager (Recommended)

This method offers more control and organization, especially if you have multiple ad accounts or Facebook pages.

1. Granting Access (Business Owner):

  • Go to your Meta Business Manager

  • Click on Settings (the cog icon) in the bottom right corner.

  • In the left menu, under People, click on Users.

  • Click the blue + Add button.

  • Enter the agency's email address and select their role (e.g., Advertiser, Analyst).

  • Choose the specific ad accounts and other assets (pages, pixels) you want them to access.

  • Click Invite.

2. Accepting the Invitation (Agency):

The agency will receive an email invitation. They can follow the link and accept the invitation to gain access to your ad account.

Method 2: Granting Access Directly to the Ad Account (if not using Business Manager)

  • Go to Ads Manager

  • Click the dropdown menu in the top left corner where your account name is displayed.

  • Select Settings.

  • In the left menu, under Ad Account Roles, click on People.

  • Click Add a Person.

  • Enter the agency's email address and select their role (Advertiser, Analyst).

  • Click Confirm.

Important Note:

Whichever method you choose, it's crucial to choose the appropriate access level for the agency. Advertiser allows full control, while Analyst provides view-only access. Contact the Facebook Ad professionals at Grow and Turn Digital Marketing for help with your business goals!

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