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Increase your Instagram Followers and Skyrocket your Sales with
1-on-1 Consultation.

Instagram Growth Consultation is ideal for

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Palash Chhipani
Founder, Grow and Turn

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Hey! I'm Palash Chhipani, and I've gained over 10,000 organic followers within 1 month. Over the years, I've helped businesses of all sizes expand their reach on Instagram and achieve their marketing goals.


Through my proven methods and strategies, I've assisted numerous clients in gaining lacs of organic followers on Instagram, resulting in increased brand awareness and sales. Whether you're a small business owner, an influencer, or someone looking to grow your personal brand, I can help you achieve your Instagram marketing goals and take your online presence to the next level


   Profile Visits in Just 3 Months  

  Account Reach in Just 30 Days  

  10K+ Story Views  


  Viral Reel with 18 Million Views  


  Another Viral Reel  

  How Your Instagram Looks When your    reel gets viral  


  5+ Million Accounts Reached in just  
  14 Days  


Choose the package that suits you best!

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60 Mins
Power Packed Consultation


  • 60 minutes consultation

  • Exclusive Q&A 

  • 2 Bonuses


4 Weeks of Detailed 1-on-1 Consultation


  • 4 One-ON-One Consultation Sessions

  • Exclusive Q&A 

  • 4 Bonuses

Rs. 30,000

How it Works?

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