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Our Story

2013, PIMR Indore were the time and place when two contrasting yet complementing personalities met. This is the story of two co-preneurs, who founded Grow and Turn.

The then undergraduates had different qualities which fit together like a lock and key, together which had the potential to unlock the world of tremendous potential. The think tank that she is, Chahat excelled at strategizing, designing frameworks, conducting market researches and presenting their work. On the other hand, the innovative geek Palash had sound technological knowledge and out of the box thinking up his sleeve. Together, they started a journey as friends who were great at what they did were unwilling to stop.

The friendship grew, became stronger and so did their individual skills and the team which went to bring managerial laurels to their institution while they headed core committees and spear-headed on-ground marketing and event management.

While the Indian start-up ecosystem developed, these copreneurs brainstormed to become the square pegs in round roles. Heavily inclined towards entrepreneurship and generating employment, they went separate ways to have a better worldly outlook and understand the corporate world, all while having the start-up dream upright and intact.

The separate journeys came to a halt at the onset of the pandemic. It was the nation-wide lockdown when the co-preneurs realized they could leverage the huge potential and underused segment of SMM and SEO to bring local businesses online. The idea stemmed from the realization that the lockdown had meant a shut-shop for businesses who operated completely offline, but the ones who had their online curtains up managed to steer through the pandemic with lesser difficulties.

What started as a freelancing project of implementing SMM elements for a mutual contact metamorphosized into the internet marketing company Grow and Turn within a month, and the company set foot in the world on 1st June’20 with one happy client. Palash’s professionalism and Chahat’s personal touch to a project meant a perfect combination of timely deliverables with added elements of expertise, often an addition to the MOU but a crucial element of client’s success in the digital field.

Since its founding, Grow and Turn has seen an increase in clientele, with each happy client referring more to the highly competent team of Grow and Turn. The high success rates and overwhelming response with referrals meant that Grow and Turn didn’t need paid marketing to increase its clientele which vouches for Grow and Turn’s competence and speaks of the strong relationship the company builds with its clients.

The professionals they are, Palash and Chahat have stayed focused on the success of their venture and have expanded their areas of expertise from just SMM to these services (add link of services here). Approach by a couple of global firms over majority partnerships and personal career growth opportunities hasn’t let the team sway away from their goal of taking their internet marketing company global while maintaining the ownership and freedom over the brand. Grow and Turn has set its own rules and has abided by them- grow as you move and turn the graph back up once it starts falling post hitting the local maxima. The words are clear- upwards and onwards.

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