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Instagram Trust Score: What is it and how it affects your reach?

Updated: May 27, 2021

Your every action matters on Instagram.

Yes, you heard it right!

Instagram constantly analyses your every action based on it your Instagram Trust score is decided.

This article talks about what is Instagram trust score, which actions can affect your Instagram score and which actions can improve it.

Instagram analyses your every action whether it's a business account or a personal account. Instagram keeps a check on your comments, direct messages, and your all in-app activities. Each action you take is interpreted by its algorithms. Instagram then takes all this data and puts it together to create your ‘trust score’. It ranks your account on a continuum between spam-like activity and trustworthy activity. The sad part is, there is no exact way to see your trust score, but it exists.

Has your Instagram reach suddenly dropped? Is some Instagram features unavailable to your account?

Then maybe your Instagram Trust Score is low. With a low Instagram trust score you may find some features suddenly unavailable, your account can be temporarily blocked, permanently banned, or shadow-banned (with reduced visibility in “Explore” and follower feeds).

Which actions can affect your Instagram Trust score?

- Posting the same emojis in multiple comments can land you on Instagram’s blacklist.

- Having Fake Followers (Never, ever purchase likes or followers)

- Liking and commenting in excess (There is a daily limit to it)

- Repetitive comments ( using same words and phrases)

- Sending too many follow requests in a day

- unfollowing too many people in a day

- Tagging random people in posts that have nothing to do with them (tagging random people doesn’t lead to an increase in reach or engagement)

- Using irrelevant which do not connect with your post

- Using repetitive hashtags

- Bombarding non-followers with personal messages

- Adding a link to your profile (viewed as “known spammer link”)

- Posting too much in a day

How to improve your Instagram Trust Score

- Post Regularly- Once or twice a day is suggested

- Grow Your Followers organically- Don’t buy followers.

- Don’t repeat the same comment on multiple posts.

- Comment with genuineness

- Use relevant hashtags

- Don’t message random people

- Tag relevant people or brands only

Things that raise your Trust Score

· Higher organic engagement on your posts

· When verified accounts follow you, or like and comment on your feed

· When high trust score accounts follow you or like and comment on your feed

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