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Influencer Marketing - What is it and how can it help your business?

Do you feel like your current marketing strategy is not hitting the mark for you? Are your products not converting? Do you feel the need to employ a different approach to marketing?

Influential Marketing can be an answer to your problems!

Read this blog to find out more about Influencer Marketing and if it's right for YOUR business.

What is it?

Influencer Marketing is a concept within social media marketing of getting products/services endorsed by an influencer, group of people or an organization. An influencer may or may not be an individual. Many small scale businesses use the influence and community of a well-established brand to boost their brand awareness and sales.

Who uses it?

Almost all industries can make use of influencer marketing. It is a common practice in many industries. For example

● Fashion, Beauty and Cosmetics;

● Lifestyle, Travel and Tourism;

● Food and Beverage;

● Education;

● Automobiles;

● Media and Entertainment; and

● Service industries like Information Technology, Aviation, Telecommunication etc.

How to make it work for your company?

Here are the important steps to create a GREAT INFLUENCER MARKETING STRATEGY:

1. Understand the correct target audience for your business

2. Set realistic goals

3. Set the parameters/ Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to study the progress of the campaign

4. Select the platform to be used - choosing the right social media platform is KEY to reaching your target audience

5. Find the right influencer to achieve your goals

6. Negotiate

7. Run the campaign

8. Gauge analytics

9. Determine the success and modify the campaign to better suit your goals.

How can we help?

We understand that it is a complicated process. That is why Grow&Turn is here to stand at every step of your Influencer Marketing process and make it a GRAND SUCCESS! Right from helping to set the goals, to finding the correct influencer, to negotiating and gauging analytics. CONTACT US NOW to set a marketing strategy and help YOUR business reach the heights YOU WANT IT TO ACHIEVE!


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