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Help Me Write- Gmail Auto-Generate email demo at Google IO 2023

"Revolutionize Your Writing Game with Google's AI Feature - Help Me Write - Coming Soon to Gmail and Google Docs"

Google has recently announced a new generative AI feature called "Help Me Write" that is set to revolutionize the way users compose emails and documents. This feature is an expansion of the Smart Prompts system that already exists, but with more advanced capabilities. Help Me Write utilizes Google's large language model to generate writing based on limited inputs provided by the user. It can be used in both Gmail and Google Docs and offers a range of tone options, including Formalise, Elaborate, Shorten, and "I'm Feeling Lucky."

To use Help Me Write, users simply need to open a new document in Google Docs or start a new email in Gmail and click on the Help Me Write button. They can then write a prompt for what they want to write and click on the Create button. The AI system will generate content based on the prompt, which the user can review and refine as needed. Once the content is satisfactory, the user can click on the Insert button to add it to their document or email.

According to Google, Help Me Write has been in the hands of some users since March, and it will be available to the wider public later in 2023. While Gmail and Google Docs are the two services where Help Me Write will initially be available, it is possible that it will come to other Google apps in the future.

Help Me Write will be particularly useful for those who struggle with writer's block or who need to write a large number of emails or documents on a regular basis. The AI system can help users to save time and energy by generating content that is relevant and accurate. Additionally, it can be used to convert shorthand emails into long-form paragraphs with appropriate tones, making it a valuable tool for professionals who need to communicate effectively.

While some may worry that Help Me Write could make writing skills obsolete, it is important to remember that it is still up to the user to ensure that the content generated by the AI system is appropriate and accurate. Users will still need to proofread and edit the content before using it, as with any writing.

In conclusion, Help Me Write is an exciting new feature that is set to change the way users compose emails and documents. With its advanced AI capabilities and range of tone options, it has the potential to save time and energy for professionals and casual users alike. While it may not be a substitute for good writing skills, it can certainly be a valuable tool in the writing process. We look forward to seeing how this new feature evolves in the future and how it will be received by the wider public.




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